Red Jasper Xrystal


The Red Jasper Xrystal
The Red Jasper Xrystal is for Energy, Strength, Stamina, Spiritual Grounding.
Red Jasper is the stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome domestic violence. It also sustains those in the process of healing and recovering from violent sexual experiences.
Red Jasper carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration and resonates within the lower three chakras. It creates a strong connection to the earth.
Many use Red Jasper as a calming stone and to stimulate (specifically) the Root Chakra. Some Native American cultures consider Red Jasper to symbolize the “blood of the Earth”, making it particularly sacred. Red Jasper is full of grounding Earth energy. ... Used in healing, Jasper unifies all aspects of your life.

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