Lapis Lazuli Ankh w/Herkimer Diamond & Swarovski Xrystal (chain included)


<h2>Lapis Lazuli Ankh w/ Herkimer Diamond and Swarovski Crystal (chain included)</h2>

Has the ability to block energetic attacks, electromagnetic fields and harmful emissions. Lapis encourages self expression and assists in taking charge of ones own life. It is a great stress dissolver facilitating self awareness so that you can see the bigger picture. This Xrystal brings clarity to the mind, teaching us the value of active listening. It brings deep spiritual insight stimulating metaphysical abilities and facilitates journeying to contact spirit guides and guardians.

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<h2>Lapis Lazuli Ankh w/Herkimer Diamond &Swarovski Xrystal (chain included)

Swarovski Xrystal, Lapis Lazuli Ankh


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Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm


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