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Green Tigers Eye “Balance” Ball Bracelet

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Green Tigers Eye
has properties to give us the courage to move forward. It is a gem in which the soldiers who go to the battlefield preferentially used. It is also used for purposes such as overcoming fear and anxiety.

This stone enhances “fortune” and “work fortune” and supports the achievement of the person’s dreams and goals. It is known as a very strong power stone that enhances “insight” and is said that this effect gives the owner the power to see the essence of things, reject evils, and bring about success.
As a result, you will be able to see what you really need, gain the power to make the best decisions, and lead you to the goal you want to earn, regardless of the gains and losses in front of you.

Green Tiger Eye is said to have a function to enhance the “concentration ability” to exert inner power.
At the same time, it is said to be a stone that boosts determination and action, and it is also said to be a stone that helps people who are starting a new business independently or who are trying new things.
It will be an ally when you want to accomplish what you want to achieve in your work or study, you want to make it successful, or when you want to go ahead with your conviction.

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Green Tigers Eye “Balance” Ball Bracelet

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