Black Tourmaline Xrystal


Black Tourmaline Xrystal
Black Tourmaline has been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection. Black Tourmaline is considered by many to be the most powerful protective stone and it is one of the only stones that protects and heals on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Black Tourmaline will align and really stabilize your energies associated with the root chakra particularly but will also balance ALL chakras and your Aura.
Black Tourmaline has many healing benefits because it keeps an electric charge, as it is pyroelectric (meaning it can generate electricity when heated), as well as piezoelectric (meaning it can store an electrical charge), causing it to release negative ions and far-infrared radiation - these are very beneficial for health. This incredible stone is associated with protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity.

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