Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid


<Strong>Black Tourmaline</strong>

helps you feel secure as it absorbs negativity and electromagnetic pollution. It protects a room and gives a sense of security. It is a very effective stress reliever, helps detoxify your body and heal the connection between your body and mind.

Orgonare used to cleanse negative energy and to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our body. It can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Orgonite is based on two principles.

Benefits of Orgone pyramids:
•Protection against EMF radiation.
•Deepen meditation.
•Boost plant growth.
•Remove negative energies in a specific place.
•More Energy.
•Balanced Moods.
•Decreased Sensitivity to EMF

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<h2>Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid</h2>

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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 20 cm


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